About Mathmatique

Mathmatique is a website dedicated to providing free, fully-solved practice problems for college-level mathematics.

Content Philosophy

Mathmatique's focus is on providing full-solved practice problems. Most students already have access to textbooks and class notes, but they often don't have enough ways to practice. Even books that feature answers to selected problems in the back don't show how those answers were achieved. After a certain level in math, answers are left out entirely, and if you don't know how to tackle a proof, you're out of luck. Mathmatique strives to fill that gap.

Design Philosophy

All mathematical expressions are typeset in LaTeX and rendered using the wonderful MathJax library. This provides the highest quality presentation that is easiest to read on all devices, since it provides infinite resolution. For the same reason, all 2D graphs are presented as SVG images rather than raster graphics. This focus on image quality can cause some of the most equation-heavy pages to take extra time to load, although I believe the substantial increase in picture quality is worth this price.

About the Creator

Hello there! My name is Mike and I'm a computer graphics software engineer. My goal is to create the website I wish I had when I was a student. Students like free things, and students like helpful explanations. I remember being stuck out in the cold on many a problem set, so if I can provide those two things for an ever-expanding number of topics, I'll be happy.